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Today, in what is being referred to the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the speed of industrial development towards a more convenient world is accelerating year by year.
On the other hand, Japan has been facing several social problems, such as a decreasing birthrate and ageing population, the reform of working style, and the delay in promoting DX.
One of these issues is the decline of the workforce, with statistics showing that by 2030 there will be a shortage of approximately 6.5 million people.
In some industries, this problem is extremely serious and there is an urgent need to take actions for the decline in the workforce.
It is necessary to strike a balance between the development and spread of digital technologies such as AI, RPA, IoT, 5G, and paperless work to compensate for the shortage of manpower, and the tasks that can only be done by “people”.
Our company is committed to solving problems both from the perspective of bridging the world and solving manpower shortages with people, and from the perspective of utilising digital technology (DX).
In the human-digital community, we transcend the barriers of “borders”, “technology” and “knowledge”, and work towards the goal of “Smiles for all” for companies, individuals and the world.
We will contribute to the creation of Make Work Awesome by creating new services based on the action value of “Bringing smiles to everyone”.

Hiromitsu Morioka

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9,000,000 JPY

Office location

2-13-29, Higashi-Sumida, Sumida-word, Tokyo, 131-0042, JAPAN


Hiromitsu Morioka

Business activities
  • Inbound travel business (planning and operation)
  • Operation of Japanese cultural experience facilities
  • Digital transformation (DX)
  • Consulting services for foreign nationalities working in Japan
  • Foreign nationalities management contracted work
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Principal Bank

MUFG Bank, Ltd.